Developing Young and Future Engineers

Higher Education Support needed

Design presentation reviewers and mentors needed

As an Engineering community in Vermont we have the  responsibility to help develop the next generation of Engineers.  There are several opportunities where our colleges and universities can use our support. By participating in any way not only are you  helping them meet the ABET requirements but you get a unique window into the talent pool of upcoming graduates. With Covid some of these have become easier by forcing them to online versions which allow you to participate remotely.

There will be more information coming, but the University of Vermont, Norwich, and Vermont Technical College all have student design presentations where they could use some real world feedback and reviewers. I can tell you first hand that it is an excellent way to get a feel for what to expect out of prospective young employees. They are in the process of finalizing dates and formats. I will send direct e-mails out to our members with more details as they are available.


Architectural Engineering Technology senior Project presentations

May 10th 3:00 PM–4:30 PM via Zoom

Contact Scott Sabol P.E. for details.


Civil Engineering Capstone Design Project Mentors/Practitioner feedback.

> UVM Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Senior Capstone Design Projects (PDF)

The UVM Civil Engineering department is looking for practicing engineers that might be willing to offer advice to student teams working on the following three projects. If you have any interest please contact John Lens.

Project summarys

The Kent’s corner inn/store project has two challenges which would benefit from the insights of practitioners. One, the inn is using a disproportionately large amount of electrical energy to try to address moisture issues in the basement. There are both a hot air furnace and dehumidifier which the owner, the Vermont Division of Historic Preservation, has asked the students to work on the basement moisture and energy use problem. Two, developing an onsite renewable energy source would help both the energy demand issue, and overall make the facility more energy self-sustainable. Students are considering solar panels and ground source geothermal.

The Aldrich sawmill is about 1/10 mile from the Kent’s corner inn/store and is an effort by local folks to restore this early water powered sawmill to allow demonstrations of water powered milling. There is an early electric turbine which students want to power via water through an existing penstock, with the need to recycle the water to avoid adverse downstream impacts. Recycling the water requires pumping back up to the mill pond – the students are excited about the project and need support with the details of either recycling the hydro flow, or otherwise powering the saw, to make this mill a valuable learning center.

The microplastics pollution team is designing a fiber capture to be installed on home washing machines. They have prototype concepts and would benefit from input from a practicing manufacturing engineer to advance their design concepts.


More information to follow.