2017 Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules of the Board of Professional Engineering

In August 2017, the updated Administrative Rules of the Board of Professional Engineering became effective.  Below is the notice that was sent out to all Professional Engineers registered in the State of Vermont. 

Dear Professional Engineer:

Updated Administrative Rules of the Board of Professional Engineering became effective on August 1.  The Board maintains a Statutes & Rules webpage with additional links to the Vermont statutes governing the practice of professional engineering.  These revisions are the culmination of a years-long public process aimed at simplifying and modernizing our approach to Engineer licensing.  Please make time to review the statutes and rules from time to time.

Among other changes, the updated Rules:

  • clarify expectations about sealing instruments of service (2.7);
  • reduce the number of references required of an applicant (2.3(d));
  • define with more specificity the progressive engineering experience required of an applicant (2.10); and
  • require that applicants for second and subsequent renewal have completed 30 professional development hours (PDHs) (2.11).

The current, biennial licensing cycle ends on July 31, 2018.  Because the Rules became effective mid-cycle, engineers subject to the PDH requirement need only demonstrate completion of 15 PDHs when renewing in 2018.  See Rule §§ 2.11-13 for more information about PDH requirements, including recordkeeping and auditing.

All Board communications are now distributed by email, including renewal reminders and instructions.  By law, licensees are responsible to maintain accurate contact information with the Board and to give prompt notice of changes.  Late this year, the Office of Professional Regulation will deploy a next-generation licensing platform, offering a more convenient and accessible way to maintain a license, track continuing education, and find Board information.

Finally, Board meetings are now available by videoconference.  Regular meetings are the first Thursday of most months.  Dates and agendas are available from the Board website. To obtain a videoconference link, email Kara Shangraw (kara.shangraw@sec.state.vt.us) reasonably in advance of the meeting. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Board or the Office if we may be of service to you.