VTSU Architectural Engineering Technology and Renewable Energy Programs' Senior Project Presentations

Upcoming Event: VTSU Architectural Engineering Technology and Renewable Energy Programs' Senior Project Presentations

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On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, the seniors in the Architectural Engineering Technology and the Renewable Energy bachelor degree programs will present their capstone engineering design project The students are designing a renovation of an old Stowe Electric Department (SED) building to create a meeting/work space and emergency command center, among other things. They addressed architectural, electrical/lighting, structural, HVAC, civil/site, and other issues, and are providing power through renewable sources to be “Net Zero ready.” The presentations will be on our Randolph Center campus (in Conant Building Room 102…the same room as past years, if you have attended previously) and run 3:00 PM to approximately 4:30 PM. Instructors Scott Sabol, PE and Nathan Mascolino, PE cordially invite all to watch the presentations and to ask questions.

We currently anticipate streaming the presentation for remote access via Zoom. If you would like to request a Zoom link, please email Scott.Sabol@vermontstate.edu no later than May 7, 2024. Zoom capacity may be limited depending on demand (but likely will not be a problem).

At the conclusion of the presentation(s), there is time for questions, and we sometimes ask practitioners in the audience to give words of advice to our students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Unlike past years, there is a single large, integrated project this year…we expect it to last about an hour.

The students have interacted with Stowe Electric in several ways, including a site visit, a general design charrette, and obtaining information from SED staff and others.

A brief description of the project is attached, as well as a campus map showing Conant building and parking.

The team will discuss the goals of the project, the specifics of their engineering systems, issues they considered, plus costs and other related information.

If you have any questions, please contact me. If you do plan to come in person, it would be great if you could email me by May 6 so that I can anticipate the number of in-person audience members for that day. There is no need to contact me if you cannot come; I cast a wide net with this email and I do not expect folks to travel from Texas (for example) to come see these presentations! However, as stated above, you can attend by Zoom – just reach out to me in advance.

Please note that if you arrive a little early, you may look at project poster(s) that will be in the corridor immediately outside the room entrance.

We know that you may receive invitations to multiple presentations at Vermont State University – Randolph (formerly Vermont Technical College), and we know that your time is precious. If you cannot attend, especially because you are already going to attend another event, we understand and appreciate your interaction with our school.

We will have plenty of room for in-person attendees. If you cannot attend, or even if you can, please feel free to invite others to the presentations. It is helpful to the students to have folks in the audience to hear them and to possibly ask questions. We may be able to field questions from the Zoom audience also. Thanks.

For licensed engineers (and possibly others): 1 professional development hour (PDH) will be available for attending (Zoom attendance requires being online for the hour). I will arrange details for in-person and Zoomers later.

With warmest regards,

Scott A. Sabol, P.E.
Professor of Architectural Engineering Technology
Department of Engineering Technology